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Arrest These Swarthy Gentlemen
(The Bush administration has gone out of its way to create and nurture a crippling climate of fear... color coded alert levels, terrorists behind every tree...  When will they be satisfied that we're afraid enough?  When all of us think like this.)
(Sung to the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)
Guest song parody by Melhi

(instrumental intro)

Arrest these swarthy gentlemen
Take everything they say
Against them in a court of law
Don't let them get away
It's obvious they're terrorists
Can't hide what hue betrays
Oh, Oh SWAT teams should be-e-e deployed!
Ordered deployed
Oh, oh SW(ah)-AT teams should be-e-e deployed!

I'm scared of them, they're born to kill
Each one of them, be warned
Their presence is a da-a-nger
So do your duty sworn
Remove them from society
All deviants from norm
Oh, oh save us from thei-eir evil ploys
Sinister ploys
Oh, oh sa-ave us from the-eir evil ploys

Their God they claim is one with mine,
How dare they speak His name?
They're clearly spawns of Sa-a-tan
They bear their master's stain
Against good folks like me they're sworn
They're evil and insane.
Oh, oh, they are in Lucifer's employ
Satan's employ
Oh, oh, the-ey are in Lucifer's employ

"Cannot?" are you in league with them?
Don't wait until they strike!
Prevent their reign of te-e-rror
Remove them from my sight!
They breed unchecked, who's watching them?
They don't deserve our rights,
Oh, oh I'll have no co-omfort or joy
Til they're destroyed
Oh, oh I will have no co-omfort or joy

The lot of them are frightening
Please rid us of their kind
With keyless locks, no plea-eadings
Pray justice swift and blind
Will sentence them to death straightway,
Each one of them you find
Oh, oh find them and every one destroy,
Quickly destroy
Oh, oh fi-ind them and every one destroy.

And when they beg salva-a-tion
Ignore what-e'r they say,
Remember they're a da-a-nger,
And we must make them pay
Like animals just put them down,
And make them go away
Oh, oh give them no co-omfort or joy,
Comfort or joy
O, deny-y them all co-omforts and joy.

When you've restored our sa-ameness,
And saved the human race,
We'll with true love and brotherhood
Each other then embrace;
So stem their tide of Evilness
And cleanse my sweet Earth's face.
Oh let all of us who co-onform rejoice
Revel with joy!
Oh let all of us who co-onform rejoice.

(instrumental ending)

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Copyright © 2005 by Melhi
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