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The John Ashcroft
Song  Book

He lost re-election to Carnahan's ghost.
His A.G. selection deserves a roast.
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  1. Thank God the Great Scoundrel's Gone (Thank God and Greyhound You're Gone) 11/28/03
  2. Brother John's PATRIOT Salvation Show (Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show) 8/24/03
  3. Johnny's No Good (Johnny B. Goode) 7/24/03
  4. Ashcroft (Angie) 11/24/01
  5. Ashcroft Is A Nervous Guy (Angels We Have Heard On High)12/20/02
  6. Ashcroft, The New Darth Vader (Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer)  2/10/02
  7. Ashcroft's Working Hard To Railroad (I've BeenWorking On The Railroad)  1/22/02
  8. A.G. Ashcroft Lies (Bette Davis Eyes)  12/24/01
  9. Axis of Evil(Evil Ways) 2/24/02
  10. Bare Lady (Lady)  2/18/02
  11. Behind Blue Velvet (Blue Velvet) 2/21/02
  12. The Blue-Nosed Spy (The Bluetail Fly) 8/21/02
  13. The Bomber (La Bamba) 6/20/02
  14. Calico Cats (Alley Cat) 5/11/02
  15. Crisco Kid (Cisco Kid)
  16. Dirty Bomb (Cherry Bomb) 6/24/02, co-written with Alvin Dover
  17. Gonna Lock Down Democracy (Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree) 11/25/01
  18. He Spies (These Eyes) 11/21/02
  19. His Noose (Footloose)
  20. I Know Dubya Wants To Change The Laws (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus)   11/27/01
  21. If You Bicker At All (Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2) 6/27/02
  22. Jackboot Snitching Morons (Witchy Woman) 8/03/02
  23. John, The Son Of A Preacher Man (Son Of A Preacher Man) 8/9/02
  24. John Ashcroft Don't Dance (Your Mama Don't Dance)
  25. John Ashcroft Is Hunting You Down (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town)  12/15/01
  26. Johnny Ashcroft (Johnny Angel)
  27. Kooky (Spooky) 5/13/02
  28. Let His Ego Soar (Let the Eagle Soar - written and sung by Ashcroft himself) 3/17/02
  29. Let's Take Back America (Pink Houses) 7/13/02
  30. Our Rights Are Dead, John Ashcroft (Tom Dooley) 11/24/01
  31. Prying Eyes (Private Eyes)  7/26/02
  32. Stubborn Man (Southern Man) 3/4/02
  33. Yes, We Know That They're Mean (If You Know What I Mean) 4/3/02
  34. You Can't Hide From Pryin' Eyes (Lyin' Eyes)  7/28/02
  35. You Must Be Nice To W. (Nice To Be With You)  2/18/02
  36. You Will Be Watched Covertly (Someone To Watch Over Me)  7/25/02

    Guest Ashcroft Song Parodies
    By Alvin Dover
  38. Baddie, Be Good (Johnny B. Goode) 7/15/04
  39. PATRIOT Misery Tour (Magical Mystery Tour)  9/12/03
  40. Be My Guest (Be Our Guest) 8/17/03
  41. All Night Long (All Night Long) 1/21/02
  42. Ashcroft Is A Nut (I Can't Go For That {No Can Do}) 12/4/01
  43. Ashcroft's Way (Nature's Way) 11/8/01
  44. Don't Keep Forgettin' (I Keep Forgettin' {Regulate}) 1/9/02
  45. He's Unwise (Edelweiss) 12/24/01
  46. It Hits The Spot, Spot, Spot 5/4/02
  47. Johnny, Don't (Honey, Don't) 11/13/01
  48. Looney (Money) 12/7/01
  49. Shred The Constitution (Ball of Confusion) 12/22/01
  50. Teach Me My Rights, John Ashcroft (Tom Dooley) 11/24/01
  51. Your Hearts Are Black (Baby's In Black) 12/3/01 
    By Julia Ward Lynx
  52. My Least Favorite A.G. (My Favorite Things) 9/5/02 
    By Darrell Decker
  53. Crazy A.G. (Crazy) 7/26/02
  54. Ashcroft's Watching You (Every Breath You Take) 7/22/02
  55. Let 'Em Know! Let 'Em Know! Let 'Em Know (Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!) 12/1/01
  56. They're Beginning To Look A Lot Like Nazis (It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas) 11/25/01
  57. Wreck of the Ol' Constitution (Wreck of the Old '97/MTA) 11/24/01 
    By Steven C. Day
  58. The Ashcroft Follies, a new parody musical 

  59. By Chookie
  60. Calico's Revenge (Meow Mix Cat Food Jingle)  5/14/02
    By Daedalus
  61. Let Those Iron Pokers Glow (Old Time Rock & Roll) 4/25/02 
    By Uncle Ernie
  62. Crisco Kid (Cisco Kid)  3/4/02 
    By Skisics Surus
  63. Are We Still Free Now? (Who Can It Be Now?)  2/16/02
  64. John Ashcroft's Kangaroo Courts (Magical Mystery Tour)  2/3/02
  65. No Rights (My Life) 1/9/02
  66. Monsters(Monster)  1/26/01
  67. Messed Up Fool Begs (Death On Two Legs)  1/19/01
  68. The Meanie In The Pillory (The Minstrel In The Gallery) 1/19/01 
    By Sara Rose
  69. Hey, Kid Crisco (Hey, Big Spender) 12/24/01
  70. We'll Resist You (We Will Rock You)  2/3/01 
    By Attmay
  71. The Obnoxious Right Wing Nazi Pig Dog From Missouri (Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy) 2/14/01
  72. Ashcroft Lies (Walk On By)  1/29/01
  73. He Wants To Lynch Blacks, Gays & Jews (I Only Want To Be With You)  1/19/01 
    By The Diva
  74. Don't Know Much (version 1) (What A Wonderful World) 1/17/01
  75. Don't Know Much (version 2) (What A Wonderful World) 1/17/01

Ashcroftu No Haiku
by Randall Winn

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