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Bad Boy Bush
(Sung to the tune of "Bad Boy" by The Beatles
Guest song parody by Skisics Surus,

(instrumental intro)

A bad little kid moved into our White House, dude.
He won't do nothing right just reading scripts and looks so good.
He don't want to go to work and try to do what's right.
Just sits around our House and plays his games and sleeps all night.
Well, he napped while attacks planned for the air.
Lax security - unprepared.
Hey, Junior, behave yourself.

Buys Reagan's old economic tax cut schemes and
Every dime that he cuts, pays off to the wealthy man.
Well he worries his handlers 'til at night, they're ready to poop.
From Karen and Ari, now spinning like a hula-hoop.
Well, this give away has got to stop.
Junior's head is hard as rock.
Now, Junior, behave yourself.

Going ask your daddy; you'd better do what he said.
Get to the Reagan files and get that whore press in your bed.
Grab the surplus funds and you fed it to that Enron cat.
They took the cash and spun it off shore to money laundromat.
Well, Daddy's friends don't know when stop.
Junior's head is hard as rock.
Now, Junior, behave yourself.

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Copyright © 2002 by Skisics Surus
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