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Inflaming Them Is The Far Right's Fear
(Sung to the tune of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear)

Inflaming them is the Far Right's fear.
They worry that Strom is too old.
They aim to try to exploit the Earth
Such much, our future's been sold.
Piss on these loony Republicans.
Good heavens - the Shrub is the king!
The world's astonished and dismayed.
They fear that brains aren't his thing.

Still blowing smoke with their lies, they come.
The far right wing makes us hurl.
Through tainted victory, they still gloat.
They let Boy Bush run the world.
The Shrub's so bad, 'cause he's lacking brains.
Dependent on cov'ring up things.
So extreme, nothing is out of bounds.
This blasted dummy's the king.

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Copyright © 2001 by W. Tong

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