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(Sung to the tune of "El Paso" by Marty Robbins)

(instrumental intro)

Bush came from West Texas, crowned by fiasco.
Now we have Shrub, and his gang runs the world.
Right Wing Supreme Court declared Bush the winner.
Rules were betrayed by Scalia, unfurled.

Blacker than night were the lies of Scalia,
Wicked and evil; democracy fell.
The Shrub's a creep, and America's laden
With the dumb Shrub; in disdain, we'll expel.

The right wing's child (dumb cowboy) is in
Wild as the Texas wind...
See how he's faring; we think he's uncaring.
With wicked Scalia, and world run by Shrub.

So in anger, we must
Challenge the right wing and Shrub for this nation.
Who runs this land, but the Dunce, who's a boor?
Our questions unanswered about Cheney's heartbeat.
Dubya's arrangers are bleeding the poor.

Right wing would foment and advocate violence.
Shocked, they all howled at that Jeffords had done.
Right wing thought they'd win, but their plans were laid bare.
They've blown their big chance, Lott screamed "Coup of One."

Right wing attack dogs arose in the land.
"Not fair!" Of course, they all lie - ie - ie- ied...
They thought since Bush won, it looked like they'd have fun.
Bush right wing hacks on display for their side.

Working fast as they could,
Former Gov'nor of Texas, now crowned by fiasco,
Runs the show for Big Oil, like Texaco.
Bush is an a**hole; his background is worthless.
He sits upon a false throne though his theft.
Knew all along that the forces he's aidin'
Would get much stronger; help him catch his breath.

Bush is inept; through his ways he did show.
"Go it alone" - what a dor - or- or - ork!
His luck is borrowed; his bullsh*t will blind him.
The far right wing's curse is that they'll fall apart.

Bush won't last, through his scam,
Pushed by his shills overlooking fiasco,
Policies pushed by this junta won't go.
The Shrub is wrong, 'cause he's pushing us backwards
We'll pay the bill, but the Shrub won't say so.

So the Far Right now is thanking their Bush boy.
There is no Left in this land any more.
Proudly saluting the Bush coup's new hatchery:
The Supreme Court installed Bush, 5 to 4.

Bugliosi said they're dead wrong, they did steal.
Democracy's stain won't subsi- i - i- i - ide.
Though Bush is trying to stay in his saddle,
He knows no theory; his faults he can't hide.

But the Shrub and Scalia all
Long to revise all the laws; it's appallin'
Though it sounds eerie, it's not for the best.
Shrub ain't the right stuff; this joker would stifle
Protest, dissent 'bout the man we detest.

Bush will go nowhere, for he is a scoundrel.
Lies as he speaks, while he deals from his side.
Hobbled by mid-year elections, he's done for.
So just hear this, we say "Dubya, good-bye!"

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Copyright © 2001 by W. Tong

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