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King Fraud's Song
(Sung to the tune of  "King Herod's Song" from the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar")
Guest song parody by Alvin Dover,

(instrumental intro)

Duh-Ba-You, I'm overjoyed to meet you face to face.
You've been getting quite a name all around the Middle East.
Bombings that never ceased, you're having quite a feast.
And now I understand you're a pRez.
According to the press releases.

So, if you are the pRez of the great United States.
Prove to me that you're the one.
Count all the ballots in your brother's town
That's all you need to do and I'll know it's all true.
Come on, George Duh-Ba-You.

Man, you just won't believe the hit you've made 'round here.
You are all we talk about, Time's Man of the Year.
Oh what a pity if it's just all a lie.
Still, I'm sure that you can rock those Democrats if you try.

So, if you are the pRez of the great United States.
Prove to me that you're no fool.
What is eight divided by four?
If you answer that for me, then I'll buy your lunch free.
Come on, George Duh-Ba-You.

I only ask things I'd ask any superstar.
What is it that you have got that puts you where you are?
Oh, The Boy of Poppy, who wants a dynasty.
Who's dying to preserved the corrupt Bushes' legacy.

So, if you are the pRez of the great United States.
Spell for me: "conservative."
I heard you said that on your speech,
Or has something gone wrong, why do you take so long?
Come on, George Duh-Ba-You.

Hey, are you scared, Duh-Ba-You?
Nervous or simply no clue?
You're a joke, you're not the pRez.
You're nothing but a fraud.
Evict him I say, he's got no brain, anyway.

Get out, you're a fraud
(Get out, you're a fraud)
Get out, Your Fraudulency!
Get out of my way!

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Copyright © 2001 by Alvin Dover
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