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I Won't Debate, 'Cause I'm King
(Sung to the tune of "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" from the Disney movie, "The Lion King")

As sung by Dubya, The Lyin' King:
(instrumental intro)

I'm gonna be a right wing king; so enemies, beware!

(We've never seen a king who needs to cling to Tony Blair)

I'm gonna be a President
Like no king was before.
I'm brushing up my golden crown.
I'm working up more war!

(Shrub's war: an all-conspiring thing)

No, I won't debate, 'cause I'm king!

No one saying, "Boo, hiss!"
No one saying, "Be fair."
No one saying, "Drop that."
No one saying, "Be clear."
Free to goof around all day...
Free to do it all my way!

(He thinks war crimes have passed him by;
Deranged right from the start.)

Kings don't need advice,
'Cause all my press shills play their part.

(Look out just where Shrub's theocracy is headed.
There's no doubt - aren't you nervous? Drunk with apathy?
It's what his gang's about...
Pop's child is getting wildly far right wing.)

No, I won't debate, 'cause I'm king!
Everybody hates Left!
Everybody loves Right!
Everywhere you look, I'm...
Hogging up the spotlight.

(You bet!)

I deflect heat by blowing smoke in rings...
World fears my every word, and bombs we fling...
I'm gonna be right wingers' finest thing...

No, I won't debate, 'cause I'm king!
No, I won't debate, 'cause I'm king!
No, I won't debate... won't debate... 'cause I'm king!

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Copyright © 2005 by W.  Tong

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