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Let's Have War For Christmas
(Sung to the tune of "Iíll Be Home For Christmas") by Bing Crosby
Guest song parody by Sara Rose,

(As sung by pResident Dubya Bush:)

(instrumental intro)

Letís have war for Christmas.
Letís bomb rocks and sand.
Whatís the point of Peace On Earth?
Goodwill To Menís so bland!

Letís have war for Christmas,
Have a killing spree.
Weíll have war for Christmas,
How much fun it will be!

Palestine and Israel
And the Taliban
Donít need peace this Christmas time.
Itís just not in their plans.

No one cares Ďbout Christmas
In the Middle East.
So weíll have war for Christmas.
Itís much more fun than peace!

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Copyright © 2001 by Sara Rose
Visit her web site, Ariel's Holodeck at
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