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Nyet Nyet
(Sung to the tune of "Stay" by Lisa Loeb)
Guest song parody by Alvin Dover,

(As sung by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Dubya Bush)

(instrumental intro)

Nyet! Nyet!
I don't agree, George Dubya.
Nyet! Nyet!
Not this time, Dubya.

And you thought what you're asking was simple,
That I thought something's wrong with you.
How many bags of pretzels you've eaten?
Did you hit your head on the floor again?
Did I pissed you?
Damn you, Dubya!

Nyet! Nyet!
I can't play what you want to.
I don't like your reason
For your Iraq adventure.
You'll have to do it all alone;
Your Saddam obssession.
The whole world knows what you're after for.
It's the oil - stupid Bush boy!

So you called me last weekend.
You're talking to yourself 'cause I hung up the phone.
Why not try to call Ms. Cleo?
She might be able to tell you what to do.
I say, let's try weapons inspections.
Regime change was your plan all along.
You need to give the "go" order now,
Don't you?

Get Saddam for Pop is your dream.
To paralyze Saddam's regime.
So when I said, "Nyet!"
Didn't gave you my support.
You told me I'm not your friend,
Said I can go to hell.

Well, I'm not about to sacrifice young Russians,
While you're having a barbecue at your ranch.
An all-out assault on Iraq won't do the job.
The White House hawks are ready
To launch a pre-emptive strike.
Did I pissed you?
Damn you, Dubya!

Hey, no one has come up with a plan
To guarantee Saddam's fall
Without a street fight,
You evil prick!
You son of a war freak!
Son of a bitch!
And I'll say:

Nyet! Nyet!
I don't agree. George Dubya!

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Copyright © 2002 by Alvin Dover
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