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I'm Allah's Receiver
(Sung to the tune of "I'm A Believer" by The Monkees/Neil Diamond)
Guest song parody by HeTalkinCrazy- who hails from Australia - Welcome!

(As sung by Osama bin Laden:)

(instrumental intro)

You asked who I was?
A Muslim off the rails.
Sent by Allah himself;
He works through me.

Shove a tea towel on me,
Bin Laden is who I'd be.
Religiously devouted,
And really mean!!

And Mecca is the place!
And I'm Allah's receiver.
Slap my face.
Religion warped my mind!
My Lord above
Yes, I'm a kneeler
And for this Jihad, I would die!

I think God is
The one and only thing.
And for him I slave and his terror I bring shock
Oh Yeah

What's the point in bombing?
Just hijack a plane.
Sing 'Praise to Allah'
And then take aim!!

After me they chase,
A terrorist leader.
Is there a place
On earth I can hide?
I look above
Cause I'm a believer
I think Allah's on my side!

(instrumental break)

Now nobody's flying.
Stocks are down again
New York City sky line
Forever changed!

And now what is our fate?
American Leader?
What a waste...of innocent lives
Release the dove
Take a breather
The war fever or your pride?

Can't we clean the slate?
War is for losers!
And build a race
That is truly combined?

With no deceivers!

No fanatical believers!
They can leave here
We don't need Hitlers!

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Copyright © 2001 by HeTalkinCrazy
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