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We'll Resist You
(Sung to the tune of  “We Will Rock You” by Queen)
Guest song parody by Sara Rose,

(instrumental intro)

Ashcroft, you're a Nazi liar
Got the Senate vote, think that you're a big man today
Wipe that smile off your face, you big disgrace
Talking out of both sides of your face.

We have, we have judged you.
We know all about you.

Ashcroft you're a racist, bigot
Hate gays, blacks and Jews, poster child for the "Moral Right"
You're against gunlocks, what a crock!
We're already sick of all of your schlock.

We'll desegregate you!
Mock and denigrate you!

Ashcroft you're an ultra-right-wing
Witch hunter, your B.J.U. pals are a smear on you.
You're peas in a pod, you're all big frauds.
Steal away our rights and we'll give you the rod!

We will, we'll resist you! (Out of office)
We'll gladly assist you!
We will scrutinize you,
Fight, annihilate you!

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Copyright © 2001 by Sara Rose
Visit her web site, Ariel's Holodeck at
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