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George Has Rolled The Dice
(Sung to the tune of "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner)
Guest song parody by Malcolm Higgins
A self-proclaimed pro-Bush Canadian, who says to me at Amiright "... if they can't justify these kids' lives and find these weapons, I promise you that together we'll never let him [Bush] forget it."

(instrumental intro)

George has rolled the dice.
He's willing to sacrifice some lives
You got some bad advice.
Dubya, you'll pay the price, I know...

I've seen it before; it happens all the time.
Your daddy before you, didn't kill that slime.
They're hidden away, you'll never find,
The weapons you said were leaving no time

Dubya rolled the dice.
Was willing to sacrifice some lives.
Just who paid the price.
the families are hurt tonight, I know.

I've seen this before; it happens all the time.
Protecting your oil, lives are lost in line.
Preserving black gold, with kids blown away.
Where are those weapons?  Or Dubya, you'll pay..

Rolled...the dice.
(You know who you are)
Rolled... the ...dice.
You rolled the dice for me.
Rolled... the....dice.

Rolled the dice...
Rolled the dice for me...
You know who you are...
Rolled the dice...
Rolled the dice, I know...
Rolled the dice...
Oh yes, I know...

Here is another parody version by Alvin Dover: Told Us Lies 
Parody Wars with the Amiright Bushies

Copyright © 2003 by Malcolm Higgins, who has a huge catalog of songs posted at Amiright
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