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(Sung to the tune of  the theme from the old  "Robin Hood" television series)
Guest song parody by Nancy Sommers

He was the greatest thief that the world had ever seen,
He vowed to feed the corporation greed,
He handed all the money to the oil companies,
And still drank plenty of Jim Beam.

Shrub-a-Dub, Shrub-a-Dub, plundering through the years,
Shrub-a-Dub, Shrub-a-Dub, leaving vales of tears,
Loved by the rich
Jeered by the poor
Is a flub,

He trashed the best economy the world had ever seen.
He wrecked the greatest forests of the land.
He mangled every rule in the English Grammarie
And still drank plenty of Jim Beam.

Chorus:  Shrub-a-Dub, Shrub-a-Dub, etc.

He bombed the Arab countries when they dared to disagree.
He decimated treaties of the free.
He angered all the people of the American political scene,
And then was driven into the weeds.

Chorus:Shrub-a-Dub, shrub-a-Dub, etc.

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Copyright © 2001 by Nancy Sommers
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