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Smirk's An Idiot
(Sung to the tune of "Puttin' On The Ritz" by Irving Berlin)
Guest song parody by Sara Rose,

(instrumental intro)
Putin came to visit Shrub
He found that there is quite a rub
Cause Poppy’s nit
Is an idiot!

Putin found that he could put
Words in Smirk’s mouth, he’s made of wood
Yes, Poppy’s nit
Is an idiot!

Photo caption by Darrell Decker
Putin now is playing Edgar Bergen,
Guess our countries soon will be a’ mergin'.
Not encour’gin’!

Putin’s hand seems so chummy up
Smirky’s back, he’s Putin’s dummy
He’s unfit.
Smirk’s an idiot!

Ashcroft’s taking ‘way our rights
Putting up the moral fight
Knows his boss don’t have a clue
What the Crisco Kid will do.

Lock up the “furiners” now
Make sure he’s list’nin in now
We all know he’ll say
It’s the American way,
The American way!

Now that Putin has his hand up
Smirky’s butt, thinks he commands
Cause Poppy’s nit
Is an idiot!

Crisco Kid thinks he’s McCarthy
Dick and Putin are controlling
Poppy’s nit
Smirk’s an idiot!

Now the country’s in the deepest doo-doo
All thanks to the Grand Old Party’s voodoo
What a to-do!

We all know that folks like Cheney,
Ashcroft, Putin are our bane.
We’re in deep sh*t
Smirk’s an idiot!

(instrumental ending)

Here's an alternate version of this song parody by Skisics Surus:  Putin Popped A Stitch
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Copyright © 2001 by Sara Rose
Visit her web site, Ariel's Holodeck at
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