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Smirk - He's Telling Lies
(Sung to the tune of "Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me")
Guest song parody by Sara Rose,

(instrumental intro)

Smirk - he’s telling lies to us
Smirk - he’s still despised by us.
Smirk keeps showing us he’s a creep
Scared to go back
To DC when he was needed.

Smirk, he has a yellow streak
Wider than a mile!
Ohhh, first he runs to Lou’siana
What’s next, off to Texarkana?
Smirk, he’s such a dweeb!

(long instrumental break)

Smirk, he’s such an idiot,
He thinks that we’re buying it.
Smirk has tried to make us believe
That he was a
Target of the terrorists, oh!

Not even the press believes
All the Smirk-boy says
In his ranks there is dissention
Cheney’s words are causing tension
Smirk, he’s such a dweeb!

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Copyright © 2001 by Sara Rose
Visit her web site, Ariel's Holodeck at
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