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The Fifth*
The Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights protects the accused against self-incrimination
(Sung to the tune of "The Crunge" by Led Zeppelin)
Guest song parody by Skisics Surus,

(As sung by Dubya and Kenneth Lay, as Lay appears before Congress:)

(instrumental intro)

I ain't tellin' you 'bout my good thing.
I ain't disclosing no names, but...
He sure was a good friend, and...
I ain't gonna tell you where's my cash gone, no!
If I ignore you, don't ask again! Hey!
I ain't gonna tell you nothin', but I steal still, but I know, yeah!
I should do but I know now, let me tell you 'bout my girl:

Open up a newspaper, and what do I see? Ahh, ah...
See Laura, ah, spinnin' with me.
Ooh,  and when she squawks, ooh, lemme tell ya:
She squawks and when she talks, she talks, and
When she looks at you in the eye.
Says all our stuff sold, I gotta' love her line
Asks me 'n Kenny, what I want her to do!
She wants me to stall you, stall those other men, too.
Just start callin' me Mr. Pitiful, no?
I don't got no respect for nobody...

Ken Lay:
I ain't gonna tell you nothing; I ain't sayin' no more, no!
He's my buddy, let me tell you that I trust him so, and
And! He's my bagman, I really wanna trust.
And let me tell you more, oooh!
He's my buddy, pardon's galore.
He's the one in power, the one in power that I know.
I ain't gonna... tell you one thing that you really ought to know ooh!
He's in power, baby and I trust him so and
He's the one that really makes me whirl and twirl!
And he's got pardon power that makes me... me shred the whole thing, and
He's the one who really makes me jump and shout, ooh!
He's the king of spin-I know what it's all about!
Take it take it

Excuse me.
Oh, will you excuse me
I'm just trying to take the Fifth... Did everybody take the Fifth?

(Did you take the Fifth?)
I just took the fifth!

They all just took the Fifth!

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Copyright © 2002 by Skisics Surus
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