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We Three Kings of Washington Are
(Sung to the tune of "We Three Kings Of Orient Are")
Guest song parody by Devona Wyan

(instrumental intro)

We Three Kings of Washington are:
Bush and Cheney, Rumsfeld's ajar
Don's future's fading, Condi's upgrading
The country will bear their scars.

O-ohhh... Star of Sunder, Star of Slights
Star like deer caught in headlights
Never ceding, dubious leading
Making history with his Blights

We Three Kings of Washington are:
One ordered war in two countries so far
Two remaining never astaining
Following Bush's star...

O-ohhh... Star of Blunders, Star of Right
Star that gives diplomacy fright.
Eastward leading, still proceeding
While the deficit's out of sight.

We Three Kings of Washington are
Spinning tales to get us this far
Always lying, always spying,
Our morals have lowered the bar.

O-ohhh... Star of Plunder, Star not bright
Star that gives world peace his smite.
Eastward trudging, still begrudging
The poor who hunger in the night.

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Alternate version of this song parody:
We Three Top Republicans Are

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Copyright © 2004 by Devona Wyan
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