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Wolfy War Bust
Satire about Bush's chickenhawk Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz
(Sung to the tune of "Ziggy Stardust" by David Bowie)
Guest song parody by Patrick Henry D'Sant
(instrumental intro)

Wolfy brayed for war. 
Spinnin' good with Rum and Condi.
The soldiers for Mars. 
He played the fear hand. 
But played it too far.
Then came the UN man, trying to slow Wolfy's band.
Wolfy really spins, 
Made up lies and screwed up intel.
He ducked service in Nam.
He ducked it by deferring, 
He left the poor to hang.
Now plays the macho man.
He's small hung, yellow man 
So where was this dodger, 
While Cong went on to break our balls? 
Using contacts to to hide him.
Now he pitches to his man,
And now they push his oil plans.
Wolfy plays for time, 
Jiving us with made up doodoo. 
Press sits on his lap; he says to act. 
Kick all the Muslims' ass. 
As we hide from terror, 
This boy can sure bray for war. 
Making war stokes his ego.
Wolfy hides his yellow spine.
The chicken hawk messiah.
When your kids die in the sand,
It's too late to take a stand.
Wolfy brayed for War!!

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Copyright © 2002 by Patrick Henry D'Sant
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