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The Sound Of Bush's Silence
(Sung to the tune of "The Sound Of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel)
Guest song parody by R. Wacko & S.R.C. Smith - updated 7/12/01

Hello, Georgie, my old friend
Your happy daze is at an end
Because we have seen through your lies
'Bout your deeds and all your crimes.

And the people do not buy your little game
And your reign
Will be damned by your silence.

In matters foreign, he is dumb
Built the Rangers' stadium
On land acquired in shady deals
Paid with the tax money that he steals

They sold the arena, and lots of cash went into Shrub's purse
What could be worse
Than cheating lots of voters?

Money elected him for sure
Spent ninety million, maybe more
This man will never fight the NRA
Thinks guns in church and schools are okay

And the air over Houston is smog gray
Worse than LA
All because of this Governor

Most of you don't understand
How this incompetent man
Fiddled with our school budgets
So Oil Men could have big tax cuts

And the rumors of his coke use were ignored
And then answered
By George Bush Junior's silence

And the Republicans prayed
To the new God they had made
The Democrats tried to give warning
But their candidates were boring

And the Son said, "There ought to be limits to the freedom of these radicals!
Silence them all!"
But we will not forget or get over it.

Copyright © 2001 by R. Wacko & S.R.C. Smith

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